Evelyn, or those who knew her best Meow-O-Lyn or Meow-Lyn-O, was perhaps the best cat anyone could have asked for.

Meowlyn came into my life in 2013, just one year after I finished High School on Cyber Monday. We think she was around 4-8 years old, which would have made Meowlyn somewhere around 13-17 when she died.

(Meowlyn on her last day)

When Meowlyn was a bit younger, she enjoyed watching Bird videos and scratching at my screen when things moved just right.

(Aang hair watching birds)

In her old age, she battled with blindness but was able to regain her vision with the proper medication. She was able to eat very well in her old age, mostly liking tuna.

Meowlyn saw me through all my adult dating life. From my first adult relationship to my engagement with my true love. I’m sorry she will not make it to the wedding.

(My soon to be Wife and Meowlyn)

Meowlyn had many 4-legged companions though her life. She tolerated kittens that grew into friends, and she became true friends with Daisy, the amazing Poddle-Like mammal.

(Me, Meowlyn and Daisy)

Everyone that ever groomed Meowlyn and every Vet I have ever had agreed that she was the most trusting cat ever. I have groomed her myself, and I know how wonderful she was. This makes me wonder if she had a past full of lots of grooming.

When I first saw Meowlyn at the shelter, I knew I wanted to get her into the test room where we could interact. I could tell she was nervous, but she knew how to get scratches, and I loved how fast she warmed up to me. Meowlyn had to wait for 3 months in that tinny box at the shelter, but for a simple fee of 25$, she became my fuzzy feed companion.

The first trip to the Vet showed off that Meowlyn had a painful past. Her lag was stitched together with what the Vet thought was fishing line. After an x-ray, it looked like a wood screw was used to kinda half-ass fix a broken leg. Her leg was always a pain to her, and she always kept it out when she could.

Meowlyn was perhaps one of the cuddliest cats to have lived. Every night for a long time, I could count on Meowlyn to come to curl up under my blankets. When I switched to a standing Desk, Meowlyn made a habit of jumping on my shoulders and chilling like a parrot.

She made an appearance in several Purism videos. This helped me make a living and displays her short spotlight in showbiz.

Meowlyn, you will be missed.

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